Make Sickels Tree Farm Part of Your Christmas Tradition

Our Trees

Canaan Fir - Short needles, sturdy branches, a fragrant aroma, good needle retention - At a rate of $8.00 per foot & up

White Pine - Long, soft needles, soft branches, good for light decoration - At a rate of $4.00 per foot & up

Scotch Pine - The traditional Indiana Christmas tree.  Strong, sturdy branches - At a rate of $4.00 per foot & up

Blue Spruce - A beautiful landscape tree with sturdy branches and short needles - At a rate of $8.00 per foot & up ​

Fraser Fir - We cannot grow Fraser Fir in east central Indiana due to soil type.  We bring in beautiful Fraser Fir from a grower in North Carolina - Pre-priced & available in our display barn

Select B & B trees available for planting.  Some folks enjoy their tree as a Christmas tree and then plant it.​

Fresh pre-cut trees are displayed in our barn for those who prefer to not go out to the field.

The Trees

We offer friendly service.   Stop at our photo op while we snap a picture of you and your family with your Sickels tree.  We will shake previous year's needles out of your tree, drill your tree for our tree stands, and bale your tree for easy travel.  We will take a fresh cut for you on any tree you select from our barn.

We have acres of trees available on the farm for you roam & choose your perfect tree.   We now have trees ranging from 4 feet to 14 feet in height.  Varieties include Canaan Fir, White Pine, Scotch Pine & a limited number of Blue Spruce & Norway Spruce.

Tree Gallery

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